PSI Academic Curriculum: 
Language Arts: ABC’s, uppercase letter recognition
Math: number recognition 1-10, shapes, counting.

PSII Academic Curriculum:
Language Arts: upper & lower case letter recognition, beginning phonics, 2 & 3 letter word building, simple sight words, rhyming, writing
Math: number recognition 1-20, counting, addition and subtraction, patterns

PreK Academic Curriculum: 
Language Arts: perfecting upper & lower case letter recognition, phonics, 3-6 letter word building sight words, independent writing, beginning reading, oral directions, comprehension
Math: number recognition 1-100, counting, addition and subtraction, time measurement, shapes (geometry) patterning, graphing, money, sizing
Science: fun labs and experiments as well as the study of: weather & seasons, plants, animals, space, human body, nutrition 
Social Science: communities, geography, cultures, safety, emotions, differing abilities, families

All classes participate in:

Creative Arts: 
coloring, drawing, painting, gluing, stamping, play-doh, taping, learning to shade and trace  

Fine Motor: 
manipulatives, lacing, beading, block play, scissors, proper pencil/pen manipulation

Gross Motor: 
outdoor activities such as climbing, running, playing ball, jump rope, bean bags, obstacle course, balance and bicycles

music, cooking, drama/creative movement, gardening, yoga and Spanish classes